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Sun Protection

It’s no secret that summers are brutal here in Louisiana. According to

Jul 03, 2018    

Refinancing of Emerald Pointe Apartments

Emerald Pointe Apartments was refinanced for $25,000,000 with Legacy Texas Bank....

Aug 24, 2016    

Acquisition of Audubon Pointe Apartments

Acquisition of Audubon Pointe Apartments, 445 units, located in New Orleans, Lou...

Aug 18, 2016    

$20,000,000 Acquisition for Audubon Pointe of Algiers

$20,000,000 acquisition/ construction loan with Legacy Texas Bank for Audubon Po...

Aug 14, 2016    

Acquisition of Avalon Apartments

Acquisition of Avalon Apartments, 102 units, located in Baton Rouge, LA....

Jun 24, 2016    

Acquisition of Devonwood Apartment Homes

Acquisition of Devonwood Apartment Homes, 296 units in Charlotte, NC for $13,150...

Feb 19, 2015    

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